Camion pour livraison frigorifique Montréal

We’ve Come A Long Way, And We Are Still Going Strong

Zawtar Express is a family company specializing in road transport in Quebec and Ontario

The Zawtar Express Brand is ready to set the pace for frozen transport refrigerated trucking, and we believe we have what it takes to become the face of logistics in Quebec and Ontario.

The Zawtar Express Company started with three brothers of the Ismail family, when they both saw the challenges faced by end-users and logistics companies in Quebec and Ontario and therefore decided to contribute their quota with their over 10 years of experience in the transport business in Quebec.

In a bid to foster excellence in logistics, and timely delivery, our cold and frozen freight distribution center, is located at 3075 Boulevard Thimens in the heart of the city of Saint- Laurent in Montreal.

The company, which is primarily co-owned by the three brothers, is determined to simplify the process of logistics, thereby making it beautiful in the eyes of her customers, shareholders, and communities

What Makes Zawtar Express Standout In The Logistics Industry?

Our Mission: To provide the best logistics experience for our customers and business partners

The Zawtar Brand is an eco-friendly transportation company, and we are synonymous with excellence. Our passion for transforming the logistics process in Quebec and Ontario has led us to have over 50 trucks of different sizes and temperatures, including electric automobile trucks, for food distribution. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver to both businesses (B2B) and individuals (B2C), with the aid of our frozen transport refrigerated trucks, and we supply the same day an order is placed- That is one of our strengths as a company.

We Treat Our Customers Right

Our customers mean a lot to us, and we strive to build a relationship with each of them beyond the business transactions

We’re always attentive to their orders as well as their feedback because we believe customers are an essential part of the Zawtar Express Company, and what we represent. We intend to satisfy their needs and have them with us for the long term. Every customer is valuable and precious to us !

Other essential logistics package we offer our valued customers are:

  • 24 hours customers service (Fast, Friendly and Reliable)
  • We offer tracking numbers for cargo security, to enable us avert late shipments while delivering time-bound freights
  • We’re always available to meet your logistics transport needs
  • We offer storage of any range and temperature, through our various automobile truck options, depending on your requirements
  • We deliver throughout the province of Quebec and Ontario
  • Our services are personalized to meet the individual needs of our esteemed customers because our service does not stop with delivery completion, but more with customer satisfaction

Company for the transport of frozen, refrigerated and normal merchandise, in Quebec and Ontario

– Eco-responsible transport –

Zawtar express delivery values

The Quebec company is always committed to its values, and this has enabled us to attain such great heights in a short time, and we have only just begun. Our value determines our approach to business, and it reflects in how we treat our customers, business partners, and team members.

These principles are our driving force:

  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Customer Relationship
  • Respect for People
  • Reliability and Commitment
  • Continuous Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Excellence

That is what we represent, and it’s what adds up to make us the preferred brand for excellent delivery and customer satisfaction in the logistics industry.

The Zawtar Express Brand

We have advanced through the ranks in the logistics industry by our sensitivity and approach to the exceptional demand of the Quebec and Ontario markets, and our clients and business partners acknowledge us for the collaboration and relationship of trust that we have sustained with them. Also, we rank among the best-rated road carriers in the province of Quebec, a feat made possible with our team, valued Customers, Shareholders, and Associates. We have come this far and we’re not about to stop because there’s a whole lot more ahead.

We’re committed to service and determined to continually devise new means and methods of solving the challenges in the logistics industry with an innovative eye.

Transport congelé et refrigéré Montréal, Québec, trois rivières

The Zawtar delivery transport team 

What began as a team of three family members has fast grown into a larger family of committed, resilient, and cultured staff.

The Zawtar Express Company comprise a formidable team, and our staff are equipped to tackle every challenge from a position of dedication, innovation, and service. Through the years, our staffs have stayed committed to us, not only because they have identified with the vision of the company, but more so, they have found a home away from home where they can freely express their creativity and ingenuity, knowing that it will be appreciated, valued and rewarded- where the need be.

We value our team, and we know we’ll go very far as a brand because we’ve got the best staff to make it happen.

Our staff are well trained, and their readiness to serve you, coupled with our temperature-controlled trucks, is all the assurance you need to know your food shipments and freight will arrive at your destination in perfect condition, at the right time and with zero worries.