Transport de produits réfrigérés Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto...

Our Refrigerated Freight Delivery Service

We are available throughout Quebec and Ontario (Montreal, Quebec, Trois Rivières, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto …)
  • Not all food products have a long shelf life, and if your company specializes in food packaging, you’ll also agree that food items like spices and other culinary require more attention, because they are likely to get spoilt quickly. However, to avoid spillage or spoilage, these food products have to be delivered efficiently and right on time. That is where our refrigerated delivery service comes to your aid.
  • With our transportation services, your food items will be kept fresh, especially those with shorter life spans, and you can rest assured that your customers will receive it in its best condition. We offer this essential service because we know we can help you get rid of the stress and risks involved in food packaging. Foods like milk, vegetables, fish, and others like them need a temperature-controlled environment to stay intact and enjoyable on arrival. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks in partnership with your business will help to ensure that your customers are happy about seeing their delivery. After all, a happy customer makes a happy business.
  • We can help your business to produce more of such happy customers with our same day delivery practices, and during the weekends, you still have us at your service. Even inedible things like flowers aren’t left out of the picture, and because they have to be delivered fresh, we know they require the right cooling temperature under which they must be preserved before it gets to its end user. By these, you can see also that our same day delivery will do a lot of good for your business and help you increase sales.