Transport de marchandises congelées Montréal, Québec, Toronto

Our Frozen Transport Refrigerated Trucking and Delivery Service

We are available throughout Quebec and Ontario (Montreal, Quebec, Trois Rivières, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto …)
  • To successfully run an online business in the pharmaceutical, food, and dairy industry, the need for our advanced refrigerated trucks cannot be overemphasized. We help you cater to the needs of your customers with our exclusive and personalized trucking services.
  • We’ll get your products from point A to B with our dedicated Frozen Delivery Service. All you need to do is to choose the temperature, and in a case where you’re unsure of the right temperature for your freight, you can trust our professional staff to offer you quality advice.
  • Our staff are properly trained and experienced in the essential procedures for delivery, to ensure a smooth transaction. If, on the other hand, you need to transport several items at different temperatures, that is also very possible, and our fleet of frozen transport refrigerated trucks are equal to the task.
  • We provide tracking numbers for each of our distributions, to foster trust and avert late delivery. We have made our investment in technology, and we use GPS tracking technology, cellular technology, in cab scanners, and other efficient means to keep you constantly updated on shipment data that you’ll require to manage your business.