Our Quebec and Ontario freight transportation services

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Zawtar Express Logistic Company has been at the forefront of refrigerated transportation with over ten years of unflinching dedication and experience. That has enabled us to provide excellent and saturating distribution services throughout the province of Quebec and Ontario in Canada.

Our team of highly trained professional logistics staff, customer service representatives, and experienced drivers are respectful, courteous, and always ready to help. Also, they ensure that each business transaction you have with us, irrespective of its size, is carried out with a touch of excellence and satisfaction.

We provide distribution, warehousing, and transportation services for frozen and cold products within and around Quebec and Ontario. Our center of operation is strategically located in the beautiful country of Canada, 3075 Boulevard Thimens, in the heart of the city of Saint-Laurent in Montreal.

We deliver to Business to Business (B2B), as well as Business to Consumers (B2C) and we’re very approachable and always open to receive you. Our temperature controlled trucking service include: Same day delivery (Which is one of our strong points as a brand), weekend deliveries, refrigerated trucks with different temperatures, tracking numbers (because we care enough to keep to our word of “Same Day Delivery”), cold and frozen freight distribution, electric trucking service, storage, logistics services adaptable to you, where the need arises.



At Zawtar Express, we build for the long term, and that drives us to invest in all the right relationships that through the years have helped us to secure a place in the heart of our customers, business partners, and associates. Customer satisfaction is the heartbeat of our company and an essential part of our core values.

We can be trusted to deliver every time we are called upon for our frozen refrigerated trucks. We go all out to add value to our customers, and we intend to keep on delivering excellent services for the next 100 years and more to come.

Ours services:

  • Refrigerated Freight Delivery Service
  • Frozen Transport Refrigerated Trucking and Delivery Service
  • Normal delivery service
  • Storage

Our transportation services (Quebec and Ontario)

Transport marchandise congelée Montréal Québec

Frozen transport

Frozen Transport Refrigerated
Trucking and Delivery Service
Transport marchandise réfrigérée Montréal Québec

Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated Freight
Delivery Service
Transport marchandise Montréal Québec

B2B & B2C delivery

B2B & B2C Delivery Service
Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa…
Transport et entreposage de marchandise Montréal


Ontario & Quebec Storage Service
Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa…


– Quebec & Ontario –

The advantages of Zawtar Express

In addition to our recognized expertise in the world of logistics, our eco-responsible transport company has many advantages:


Quality service

Our transportation company in Quebec and Ontario is known for its professionalism and offers customers quality service, in accordance with the rules and conditions set in advance.

Competitive prices

Cheapest rates on the market

The organizational methods used by our firm allow us to offer customers the cheapest rates on the market. Using our transportation company in Montreal is guaranteed to pay the right price.


Tailored to your needs

Our road carriers put everything in place to provide customers with services tailored to their needs. We adapt as best we can to be flexible and respond to all requests.

Zawtar Express- You Can Count On Us

You can count on us to always discover innovative means of delivering quality services at all times.

With our fleet of freight trucks, we are more than ready to go all the way with you. We can handle the difficult aspects of logistics for your business while you focus on other important areas of your business,we are committed to you.

Also, we offer order fulfillment packages like warehouse storage, pick and pack, and other personalized services. Talk to us about your logistics needs, we care that much, and you can trust us because we always deliver! Whether you run a large business or a startup, we are available to do business with you and serve you.

Our Logistics And Haulage Services Are Designed To Adapt To Your Business Needs

Beyond ourselves and our interest, as a company, we take our time to understand your business needs and align our activities in such a way that positively impacts your business. We stay true to our words on same day delivery, and we’ve been successful in executing it through the years because we understand that a delayed freight will also have its toll on your business, in a fast paced world where time is everything.

We’re prepared to add value to your business and continually deliver excellently on your road haulage, food distribution, and storage needs. We’re open and abreast of the happenings in the logistics industry and ever evolving, to adequately embrace unforeseen circumstances and solve them from an informed standpoint.


We are very happy with our partnership with Zawtar, some small delays can sometimes happen with traffic, but overall we never had any problems with them.

Miriam Dunan – Regular customer

I worked with them once during Covid-19. It was one of the few refrigerated delivery companies to be available quickly in Montreal. I do not regret. Very good service

Pierre André – Customer

I have worked with them for several years and I recommend them. I have recently been pleasantly surprised at their effectiveness during containment.

Simon Parent – Regular customer

I have a butcher shop in Montreal and I particularly appreciate the work of Zawtar. No problem with delivery to date, it allows me to devote myself entirely to my activity. Thank you

José Ribeiro – Regular customer